Available guitars

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At the moment I am working on already placed orders, so unfortunately, right now, I have no finished guitar available for immediate purchase.

Usually when placing an order, the waiting time for delivery of one of my guitars, is between 6 and 12 months, but please feel free to contact me for information on the actual delivery time and conditions when placing an order.


Besides the option of placing an order directly from my workshop, my guitars are also available from the following fine dealers:


Guitars International

Cleveland, USA


Aura Guitarshop

Tokyo, Japan


Kent Guitar Classics

Sevenoaks, UK


Rick Falkiner´s Guitar Centre

Sydney, Australia


Casa Luthier

Barcelona, Spain


Die Zupfgeige

Karlsruhe, Germany


La Guitarra Buena

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Vincenti Guitars

Genève, Switzerland


Trilogy Guitars

Los Angeles, USA


Europe Guitar Salon

Guangzhou, China


Arai Guitars

Nagoya, Japan


Guitarras de Luthier

Madrid, Spain