Concert model


Soundboard: Fine grained, German spruce or Canadian Cedar, Engelmann- or Sitka spruce.

Back & sides: Dark Indian Rosewood, flamed Maple, Cocobolo, Cypress or others.

Scale length: Usually 650 mm. or 640 mm. (Other scales can be applied on order)

Neck: Honduras Cedar

Fingerboard: Dark black Ebony

Tuners: Alessi. (Other tuning machines such as Sloane, Waverly, Scheller (not to be confused with Schaller) or Rodgers are available as well).

Finish: Shellac French polished.

Case: Hard Shell case, Hiscox Pro II. (Other options are available)


Comments: As an option I offer the possibility of adding an extra, 20th. fret and a small, discreet fret marker of bone on the side of the fingerboard´s 5th/7th position.

The nut width is up to the client to decide, but in most cases for the 640 mm. and 650 mm., it´s 51-52 mm.

This model is also made as a Flamenco version with Cypress back and sides.

General Information.

Since every part of the guitar has a determent and precise function, the following is a brief description of my selection of the most important woods, which together with the right knowledge and fine craftsmanship, needless to say, is a very important part of any hand made guitar of high quality.


Top: Since the top is an extremely important part of the guitar´s sound, I only use very light, responsive, straight grained and quarter sawn Spruce or Cedar of the highest quality. The material for internal bars and enforcement on the inside of the top are likewise very carefully selected after an extensive series of quality checks and considerations.


Back & sides: For back and sides, I use a wide range of different woods, but common to them all is that they are straight grained and quarter sawn, since material cut this way is much more stable and therefore the risk of unwanted accidents caused by dryness is considerably reduced.

Most of the guitars that I make are made of dark brown Indian Rosewood, but I also use other materials such as flamed Maple, Cocobolo, Cypress, among others.


Neck: For the neck of the guitar I use quarter-sawn Honduras Cedar, a very stable material, which is very important, especially for the stability of the fretted fingerboard and the action of the strings.


Fingerboard: The fingerboard is made of very dark, quarter-sawn ebony. Most guitars that I make have a scale length of 650 mm. or 640 mm., although I also offer longer or shorter scales on order.