“Your beautiful guitar arrived safely last Friday. Thank you so very much for all the time, care, talent, and hard work you put into this wonderful musical instrument”.

- Armin Kelly, Guitars International, USA

“The guitar arrived safely today. It's a beautiful gem and I'm very happy with it”.

- Rick Falkiner’s Guitar Centre, Australia

“The cedar top guitar was sold last month, the customer that bought it is very happy with it, it was a "perfect match" ! It really played like a dream with a very open and sweet tone, I personally loved it!”

- Rudolf Eeken, La Guitarra Buena, Netherlands

“It was very nice to meet you and your beautiful guitars. I am sure I have chosen the correct guitar for me. Perhaps another classical guitarist would have chosen one of the others you had in your workshop because all three of them were amazing! But isn't that just the way it should be?

Once again thank you for a beautiful guitar that I am convinced will spread joy and harmony, not only for me, but for everyone that listens to me”.

- Per-Olov Kindgren, Guitarist & composer, Denmark

“The guitar arrived safely this afternoon.
It looks and sounds very good. You have used good materials and the work is very clean and tidy. I just lifted the string tension and played it for five minutes - I like it very much - well done”.

- Miles Roberts, Kent Guitar Classics, UK

“I have been enjoying your guitar tremendously. I believe it is going to open up a lot yet retain the purity of tone and clarity that drew me to it.
The guitar is opening up beautifully”.

- Dieter Hennings, USA

“Tu guitarra es una maravilla y me abra la puerta a otro mundo, noble, con poesía y ternura. creo que será mi guitarra para siempre...”

- Herman Schamp, Belgium

“I fell in love with the guitar last week. It had such a broad range of qualities in balanced proportions. It suits me very much.
I love the sound of it and I am inspired to write for it”.

- John Spence, composer, Australia

“I recently bought a one of your guitars in Amsterdam (La Guitarra Buena). It is a cedar top from 2011. What a fine instrument! It is very compact and light, plays very easy and has a wonderful sparkly clear sound. My compliments for building such a lovely instrument”.

- Simon van der Wal, Netherlands

“Your beautiful guitar has arrived safely.
She is so beautiful and what an exquisite poetic sound it has!!
Perfect balance also, I´m so happy.
Thank you very much”.

- Lee Song-Ou, South Korea

“Enhorabuena! Muy buena guitarra, sí señor.
Te confirmo que la he recibido correctamente, muy bien embalada, todo perfecto. Muy buen trabajo”.

– Miguel Ángel Cano, Guitarras de Luthier, Spain

“I am very happy with the guitar that you made and have
no second thoughts about having chosen this particular one”.

- Klaus Helminen, Finland

“I just received the guitar and I am very pleased with it.
Congratulations and thank you”.

- Jaques Vincenti, Vincenti Guitares, Switzerland

"I wanted to let you know that the guitar arrived safely on Monday. It's beautiful, and I know it's going to open up to be a wonderful instrument".

- John Silva, Trilogy Guitars, USA

“The guitar is perfect, it sounds very good and I play it easily. Thank you very much for everything, you've been very kind”.

- Cecilia Carrioli, Italy

“It was so nice to meet you. I was very impressed with your guitar”.

- Beverly Maher, Guitar Salon, USA

“Sobre tu guitarra, simplemente reiterarte que es impresionante y a mi parecer ha mejorado aún más desde que la compré. En concreto creo que el aspecto en el que he notado mayor mejoría ha sido en el sustain de las notas agudas. El timbre cálido y al mismo tiempo claro, la potencia, el equilibro y la comodidad me siguen sorprendiendo cada vez que pongo cuerdas nuevas”.

- Jesus Aledo, Spain

“I really enjoyed the short visit to your workshop last week. It was very interesting to hear your explanation about the process of making a guitar.
Thank you very much!”

- Roel, Netherlands

“Your guitar has arrived in good condition - excellent packing.
The build quality and sound is very pleasing - thank you”.

- Miles Roberts, Kent Guitar Classics, UK

“The guitar has a fantastic ability to make especially the treble sing, and it offers a crystal clear tone without lacking a full sound”.

- Kasper Bjørnsson, Denmark

“Hace unos meses pude probar una de tus guitarras en Barcelona y me quedé muy impresionado, tanto por el sonido como por lo cómoda que era”.

Si no recuerdo mal, la guitarra que probé tenía tapa de pino y me sorprendió el sustain que tenían las notas más agudas pulsando suave y sin uñas. Tu guitarra fue la que más me gustó de todas las que probé”.

- Ramón Godes, Spain

“The guitar arrived on Tuesday and is a joy to behold. I’m very happy with it”.

- Rick Falkiner´s Guitar Centre, Australia

“I wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I bought one of your guitars from Miles Roberts at Kent Guitar Classics recently and I think it's terrific. Thanks for making such a great guitar.

I've been playing for a couple of years now and thought it was time to step up to a properly made guitar and I'm very glad I bought yours. I didn't realize how much more pleasurable playing was going to be. Your guitar is going to be a treasured possession of mine for years to come”.

- Stephen Murdoch, UK

“Espero que sigas trabajando tan bien como siempre y disfrutando mucho”.

- Daniel, Spain

“The guitar arrived safely on Friday 22nd. I am absolutely thrilled with it and cannot put it down. The clarity and tone are amazing. So many thanks for the time and trouble you have given to produce such a special instrument”.

- Michael Davey, UK

“After playing almost one week now (about 2 hours/day) on my new Holt guitar I risk a first glance-review (although I do not expect that my opinion would change a lot). The very first impression (during the selection at Casa Luthier) is confirmed when playing more now. The guitar excels in clarity and shows a very magnificent sustain. The clear high-end (without becoming harsh) and impressive low-end are beautifully balanced. The instrument makes possible to gain many colours and to emphasize the essential musical lines and phrases. Although one has to pay attention not to exaggerate at 'simple' music pieces.

The dynamic range fully meets my requirements/use. Over the whole (dynamic) range, the musical expression can be reached. Very suitable for a wide range of repertoire.

Summarizing: It is a fantastic guitar with an impressive rich and colourful sound pattern and a well balanced frequency spectrum and very good dynamic behaviour. Competitive with many more expensive guitars from other brands.

Thank you, Thomas, for giving me an extra dimension to my guitar activities!”

- Hanns-Diether Sommer, Netherlands